Individual Options

 Exceptional English Speaking Programs for Individuals

Become an expert English speaker. At English Pronunciation For Success, we offer a professional development course that you can practice at your own speed.


Grow as an Individual and as a Professional

Our team understands that continuous development and lifelong learning are essential to both personal improvement and career advancement, especially for those living in North America. You can call our team and set up an individual session so we can start contributing to your progress.

Please Note: We do not schedule group training. However, if you create a group of three or more, we are more than willing to train you and your colleagues. With our help, you can present yourself with confidence.

Month-long Training Course

English Pronunciation For Success Coaching Program

The signature intensive pronunciation coaching program for internationally-trained professionals who are ready to take their speaking and listening skills to the next level.

Choose the option that best matches your goals:

  • Create your own small group training program

  • Build your North American fluency and listening skills with the speed, focus, and privacy of the standard one-on-one package

  • Customize the materials to meet the specialized needs of your industry



September 8, 2020

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Please contact our staff today for more information about our program options. We look forward to assisting you in developing your English speaking skills.