Most immigrants ask a question that gets no useful results. “How is my English?”

Answer from a Canadian: “Fine.” (whether you are a beginner or completely fluent) There is a better question.

Key question: “Would taking a pronunciation training program help me move up in my career?”

Answer from a Canadian: “It might.” = (100%. I’m so glad you suggested the training yourself because I didn’t want to hurt your feelings, but you are difficult for me to understand.)

No. I’m a consultant with my own business. Companies and individuals hire me to deliver professional development training that helps them become clear, confident speakers and move up into higher level positions.

You may want to look into professional development funding options through your workplace.

There is a Canadian government grant known as the Canada Employer Grant which the employer can apply for on behalf of themselves or their staff members. Please note that in Canada, each province controls the way that educational funding is delivered. I have provided the link to the Canada-BC Employer Grant here as an example. My training programs fall under the Workforce Training Stream under Soft Skills:

If you are located in another Canadian province, click here for grant funding options:

English first language India, Ireland, England Australia, Hong Kong…

No. This is a business-focused program for working professionals with adult content. The minimum age is 19.

The program was created to help strong English speakers fill in gaps in their knowledge regarding vocabulary, grammar, listening, speaking and cultural awareness. Most clients have a high level of fluency and are working in English. The Canadian Language Benchmark Level 7 or higher is suggested based on the difficulty level of the vocabulary used in the training materials. The minimum requirement is CLB Level 5. CLB level 7 = CELPIP level 7, IELTS level 6, TOEFL IBT level 75, and TOEIC level 750, Cambridge level FCE, CEFR level B2, and a general ESL language school assessment of High Intermediate.

I teach all of my courses live, online over Zoom. This allows my clients to attend from wherever in the world they are located, stay home with their children in the evenings, avoid going out in the cold, and save on travel and parking. Many of my clients travel to businesses or family members in other parts of the world and Skype classes allow them the flexibility that traditional classes can’t.

I offer daytime classes on request, but the majority of my clients are looking for late evening classes. My most popular time is 10 pm. Because I have clients across Canada, this means that I offer classes at 6, 8, and 10 pm Pacific time.

No. Each client commits to three sessions per week. This is an intensive program to give each learner the feeling of an immersion course. This allows the brain to stop translating and begin to feel more comfortable with the new North American sound patterns. Clients work with me three times per week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

No. All of the materials are included in the package.

Most people will go through the materials fairly slowly to ensure that the changes they are making to their speaking style become second nature and give them their desired result. Typically, a person will spend between 6 months and a year working through the pronunciation, fluency, high speed listening, and spelling components of the training portal.

Yes. When you enroll in my signature month-long coaching program, we will be covering the following topics: CLICK HERE. Some of them will be related to sounds that make it difficult to understand and others will be related to tones of voice that have a negative impact on the listener, the relationship you develop with that listener, and your career prospects.

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