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Develop Your Team’s English Speaking Skills

Hiring qualified, internationally trained candidates who have the skills, experience, and desire that suit your company can be impossible when a language barrier is present. However, you do not have to waste the opportunity of working with such talented individuals. Let us train them to become clear English speakers.

Why Invest in Your Staff

An employee who is proficient in English will be confident in presenting themselves and can easily gain the trust of potential customers. They will then increase their chances of getting more clients for your business, which also means more word-of-mouth referrals.

Diverse Engaged Team

Attract More Talented Employees

By knowing that you invest in improving your team members’ English speaking skills, more proficient candidates will be encouraged to apply to your company.

Grant-Funded Training Package

English Pronunciation For Success Business Builder Plus

We are here to help you train and keep the best in the world for your company. Reach out to us for more information.

This 21-hour live, on-line program gives the participant instructor-led training followed by lifetime access to:

  • English Pronunciation For Success proprietary training materials

  • Spelling Skill Builder training system

  • Street Speed Strategies sound files to build North American English listening skills

  • Facial Expression Fluency video segments


This session is perfect for you if you are interested in going deeper into each module with Catherine's one-on-one support.

The Business Builder PLUS course is eligible for funding through the soft skills stream of the Government of Canada's Employer Training Grant.

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  • For the Northwest Territories, click HERE.
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Month-long Training Course

English Pronunciation For Success Coaching Program

The signature intensive pronunciation coaching program for internationally-trained professionals who are ready to take their speaking and listening skills to the next level.

Choose the option that best matches your goals:

  • Create your own small group training program

  • Build your North American fluency and listening skills with the speed, focus, and privacy of the standard one-on-one package

  • Customize the materials to meet the specialized needs of your industry


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We are here to help you train and keep the best in the world for your company. Reach out to us for more information.